If YOU Wanna Be Happy – BE!

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Happiness.. I would say it is the most popular word that is tipped in the Google search these days. There are so many articles, books, seminars, videos, songs created to help people to be happy, to teach us how to create happiness around and within us. I used to belong to that significant number of people who are reading, watching, listening and trying to understand what happiness is, how to be happy and fulfilled.

Finally I realized within myself, that I don’t need to have reason to be happy. I don’t need think what I suppose to be happy about, when I wake up every morning, I realized that I just want to be happy and I can be happy!

Now I am happy listening Italian music, songs that are full of passion, passion of life, full of positive energy to take deep breaths and enjoy every second of my life. Music is something wonderful, something that lifts me up above the clouds, sets me free from everything  surrounding me and makes me feel full of happiness, small joys and most important – music inspires me to be just who I am, without hiding anything without acting.

I am in love with myself, in love with the world I live in, the nature I belong to, and the humans I am surrounded with. This is exactly what creates happiness for me. To wake up in the morning and feel sun kissing my cheeks, to hear variety of noises which says that world is alive and I belong to it. To hear rain drops hitting my window and quickly trickling down one after another trying to race which will be the first one who will reach the finish line. To watch the sunset, sign of another beautiful day drowning into darkness and inviting to dance with the stars there,  in the infinite galaxy.

It took me a long time to realize that I don’t need to tell myself why I should be happy, to make a list of things, actions, people who I should feel happy about, but after a long time searching within myself to find out the answer and be happy I finally did it and I am more than happy to know it. I am wonderfully happy to be able to smile for no reason, to enjoy everything, to sing a song in my heart.

I wish everyone who is desperately flipping pages, replaying videos, visiting varieties of seminars, looking for an answer to the simple question ‘’How to be happy’’, one morning will wake up and realize that the answer is very simple: IF YOU WANNA BE HAPPY – BE!